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Music Lessons in Sanford FL at The Music Place!

Music Lessons in Sanford FL as offered by The Music Place (inside the Sanford Mall next to Dillard’s Lower Level)!  The passion for learning as only experienced through music can be delivered to everyone young and old.  Start something new and take your life experience to a whole new you and experience in learning how to play the piano, or the guitar, or maybe even the violin!  Combine any one of those with voice lessons and you are really going to surprise yourself in what you CAN do – and it all starts with lesson one.

Music Lessons. Piano Lessons. Guitar Lessons. Voice Lessons. Violin Lessons.

Great instruction inspires passion!  Whatever you may think of your “skills” with an instrument will or would be, give yourself the chance of a lifetime and let our instructors walk you through the labyrinth of new experiences and show you that anything is possible.  In music, there is no limit to how much you can grow and develop in self confidence as you progress.

What is your preferred instrument and how long have you been putting it off?  Start now and keep it for a lifetime!

The self confidence that comes from learning just ONE musical instrument…

is something that one gains and stays with you for the rest of your life.  And when your instructor gives you a plan to follow, you will be seriously amazed at what that road map will mean to you in the coming days and beyond.  Lessons are only the start of a lifetime of new experiences that will travel with you well beyond the music lessons.  Welcome to your own music!

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