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Music Lessons in Sanford FL at The Music Place!

Music Lessons in Sanford FL as offered by The Music Place (inside the Sanford Mall next to Dillard’s Lower Level)!  The passion for learning as only experienced through music can be delivered to everyone young and old.  Start something new and take your life experience to a whole new you and experience in learning how to play the piano, or the guitar, or maybe even the violin!  Combine any one of those with voice lessons and you are really going to surprise yourself in what you CAN do – and it all starts with lesson one.

Music Lessons. Piano Lessons. Guitar Lessons. Voice Lessons. Violin Lessons.

Great instruction inspires passion!  Whatever you may think of your “skills” with an instrument will or would be, give yourself the chance of a lifetime and let our instructors walk you through the labyrinth of new experiences and show you that anything is possible.  In music, there is no limit to how much you can grow and develop in self confidence as you progress.

What is your preferred instrument and how long have you been putting it off?  Start now and keep it for a lifetime!

The self confidence that comes from learning just ONE musical instrument…

is something that one gains and stays with you for the rest of your life.  And when your instructor gives you a plan to follow, you will be seriously amazed at what that road map will mean to you in the coming days and beyond.  Lessons are only the start of a lifetime of new experiences that will travel with you well beyond the music lessons.  Welcome to your own music!

Piano Lessons Start at The Music Place Sanford FL

Piano Lessons at The Music Place in Sanford FL!  Piano lessons are a great way to add a whole new dimension to your life experiences.  The piano is an easy first instrument to learn as a student just needs to press the key to produce a sound.  A comprehensive knowledge acquired by students in piano lessons can later be applied to any other instrument!  Now most people probably haven’t thought about it in this context because they assume “so many keys” but in reality, it is one of the easiest instruments to learn because you have to learn the keyboard of a piano as you have a computer keyboard but the experience and outcomes are far greater in piano skills.  Taking a first step in piano lessons is simply a starting point to greater experiences as you quickly learn the keys and turn that knowledge into your favorite songs and melodies.

Our earliest recommended age to start taking private piano lessons is 5 years as a longer attention span and the ability to retain materials is becoming more natural at that age.  Only in rare cases, we accept pupils younger than age 4 into our piano program after meeting and evaluating them.  Practice time can be anywhere from 5 minutes for a very young beginner to any number of hours for an advanced adult.  And that is just a generality as each person is different and the gift of music comes in many forms!

Can you picture it now?  You start with the piano keys lessons and advance to the notes and melodies and before you know it you are playing your favorite songs and amazing even yourself as you thought this is one dream or wished-for idea that maybe would remain just that.  Our piano instructor is probably the most patient man on earth and loves to see a new piano student engaging with the keys almost if they were a part of the instrument their entire lives.  Can you imagine it now?!  Yes you can.

Guitar Lessons Available at The Music Place Sanford FL

Guitar Lessons at The Music Place in Sanford FL!  

The Music Place provides quality acoustic and electric guitar lessons for children and adults. Bass guitar lessons usually don’t begin before age 8, with many students learning the acoustic guitar before starting on bass.  Younger beginners can learn on a 3/4 size guitar designed for students with smaller bodies and shorter arms.  Parents of very young children need to understand the advanced dexterity required to play chords on a guitar successfully.  But starting and getting the fingers accustomed to the strings will make the know-how stay with you a lifetime!

Our guitar lessons are customized for each student, taking into consideration his or her tastes, styles and levels.

Our highly accomplished guitar instructor offers lessons on acoustic, electric, and bass guitars ranging from four to eight strings.  Guitar and bass students learn rhythm, tablature, notation, chords, memorization, sight reading, technique and improvisation.

Music theory, composition and music production can also be taught per student request.  When learning guitar, it is the repeated exposure that will bring about tremendous skills over time as only experienced by the repeated practitioner!

The road to becoming a great guitar player starts with Lesson 1 and quickly progresses as the student becomes accustomed to the strings, sounds, patterns and feel of the strings.  Experience it for yourself and with your family because learning to play the guitar is something that is passed on with not only the lessons but also the shared experiences that come with it: the songs, the times, and the memories.  The benefits of learning to play the guitar extend beyond leisure activities and last a life time!

So let us know what is your favorite song and then imagine yourself playing it on a guitar.  It will stay with you for the rest of your life and you’ll smile every time you think back and realize that it all started with guitar lesson 1.


Voice Lessons Begin at The Music Place in Sanford FL

Voice Lessons at The Music Place in Sanford FL turn singing into art!

Singing lessons for the young and old will start with basic breathing techniques, music and sight reading, vocal warm-ups, and correct diction from the very first lesson!  Voice and singing lessons are a natural path to reaching the point where you are singing your favorite songs from pop to jazz to classical pieces.  Of course, combine that with another instrument lesson like piano or guitar and we have the start of the next music star in the making!

Serious voice training traditionally begins around age 13, after a child reaches puberty and his or her voice deepens.  However, if all that means is waiting for the “voice” to arrive, then the earlier preparation in techniques and diction and so on push the learning advantage in favor of the student!  It can mean the difference between being a contender or a winner down the road so learning the art of training your voice should start as early as possible, and The Music Place makes it very easy to start.

Our music instructor has decades of voice lessons experience and can walk young and old through quick start up exercises to ensure a connection with the appreciation for the voice and its tonalities and continuing on to help students connect with their own style and take that up a notch and deliver a truly enjoyable experience in music that few get to encounter in life!

Voice and singing lessons are recommended for anyone that is looking for something to call their very own.  It starts with the very first lesson but a student under our instructor’s supervision will quickly start to see the benefits and capabilities that extend well beyond what the student first envisioned or anticipated.  Start the lessons and see the change that comes with it.