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Piano Lessons at The Music Place in Sanford FL!

Piano lessons are a great way to add a whole new dimension to your life experiences.  The piano is an easy first instrument to learn as a student just needs to press the key to produce a sound.

A comprehensive knowledge acquired by students in piano lessons can later be applied to any other instrument!  Now most people probably haven’t thought about it in this context because they assume “so many keys” but in reality, it is one of the easiest instruments to learn because you have to learn the keyboard of a piano as you have a computer keyboard but the experience and outcomes are far greater in piano skills.

Taking a first step in piano lessons is simply a starting point to greater experiences as you quickly learn the keys and turn that knowledge into your favorite songs and melodies.

Our earliest recommended age to start taking private piano lessons is 5 years as a longer attention span and the ability to retain materials is becoming more natural at that age.

 Only in rare cases, we accept pupils younger than age 4 into our piano program after meeting and evaluating them.  Practice time can be anywhere from 5 minutes for a very young beginner to any number of hours for an advanced adult.  And that is just a generality as each person is different and the gift of music comes in many forms!

Can you picture it now?  You start with the piano keys lessons and advance to the notes and melodies and before you know it you are playing your favorite songs and amazing even yourself as you thought this is one dream or wished-for idea that maybe would remain just that.  

Our piano instructor is probably the most patient man on earth and loves to see a new piano student engaging with the keys almost if they were a part of the instrument their entire lives.  Can you imagine it now?!  Yes you can.