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The Music Place provides quality acoustic and electric guitar lessons for children and adults. Bass guitar lessons usually don’t begin before age 8, with many students learning the acoustic guitar before starting on bass.  

Younger beginners can learn on a 3/4 size guitar designed for students with smaller bodies and shorter arms.  Parents of very young children need to understand the advanced dexterity required to play chords on a guitar successfully.  But starting and getting the fingers accustomed to the strings will make the know-how stay with you a lifetime!

Our guitar lessons are customized for each student, taking into consideration his or her tastes, styles and levels.

Our highly accomplished guitar instructor offers lessons on acoustic, electric, and bass guitars ranging from four to eight strings.  Guitar and bass students learn rhythm, tablature, notation, chords, memorization, sight reading, technique and improvisation.

Music theory, composition and music production can also be taught per student request.  When learning guitar, it is the repeated exposure that will bring about tremendous skills over time as only experienced by the repeated practitioner!

The road to becoming a great guitar player starts with Lesson 1 and quickly progresses as the student becomes accustomed to the strings, sounds, patterns and feel of the strings.  Experience it for yourself and with your family because learning to play the guitar is something that is passed on with not only the lessons but also the shared experiences that come with it: the songs, the times, and the memories.  The benefits of learning to play the guitar extend beyond leisure activities and last a life time!

So let us know what is your favorite song and then imagine yourself playing it on a guitar.  It will stay with you for the rest of your life and you’ll smile every time you think back and realize that it all started with guitar lesson 1.