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The question of why people have a tremendous appreciation and LOVE for music puzzles even the best of scholars.

While even Charles Darwin guessed that it grew out of a courtship ritual, researchers have focused on music’s ability to strengthen bonds within a community.  Now think about that for a moment as you picture every school, band, event, etc. you’ve ever seen or experienced!  And 2013 published paper presents intriguing evidence supporting that hypothesis.

“As it became increasingly adaptive for humans to live in social groups, various biological and psychological mechanisms evolved in order to maintain a group structure,” as written in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.


Even as you turn on your personal music device these days, you enjoy sharing the experience with others even more.  That is the power of music and why it is a social experience above all.  Or what would say, going to church or to a public event be like if there was no music at all?  Hence music doesn’t just “entertain.”  It binds us.  It has an innate ability to “connect” us!

Therefore it really is by far the absolute and largest social “network” ever known to humanity!  So take part in it everyday.